April 9, 2005 in Uncategorized

First off, mucho thanks to Flash for tending after my blog for the past couple weeks, and keeping it from completely falling off the face of the Earth. Since I am techincally responsible for the first ever spinoff, I hope to find a way for Adam to make profit on his new blog—and then steal it.

Good times last night. Enjoyed some quality dancing at Tamboleo to DJ Mel, had my first Mexican Martini at Trudy’s since being back, learned how underutilized the word “buddy” is, and got to pay back my loan from the International Bank of Karma. Remember when I lost my phone in Hawaii? of course you don’t. that’s why jesus created hyperlinks. Well, I got my chance last night to rescue someone else’s phone so go me.

I’m still quite far from being re-settled back here in Austin, but at least I’m getting the key to my new place tomorrow. I’m taking over someone’s lease in a cute apartment complex on 6th Street near West Lynn. I can’t wait to move in. It’ll help remove some of my recent stress of feeling unsettled, but I’m still itching to find a job. I gotta say I’m surprised at how hard it has been to find exactly what I want—I need to start lowering my standards soon.

Also, I just noticed that today is two years exactly since I started this blasted thing. Isn’t that freakin’ weird? I obsess a lot about getting older, but thinking back over everything that has happened since makes me feel really reallyyoung.

If every upcoming two-year stretch is as packed with emotion as the last two, I’ll be ready to check out by 50.

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