Tide Shift?

April 27, 2005 in Uncategorized

Cancel the Amber Alert! The Democrats have been found! Yeah, it’s not like we regained control of anything, but this is definitely encouraging.

GOP offers to scrap House ethics rules

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  1. with the california legislature smacking the governator every 3rd step, social security reform tanking, daily images or iraq speaking volumes, and the ethics of the house and senate under closer scrutiny (thank you, asshole delay), i think it is the time is right for the democrats to begin the 2006 election campaign.
    seriously, every time a conservative politician brings god into the picture to cover up their ethical and moral failures, SOMEONE out there needs to sound the fascism bell, and loudly.
    find more ways to compare dubya & co. to the rise of hitler, moussolini, suharto or any number of african dictatorships and we may be on our way to something better than GOP as usual.

  2. rlo on 27 April 2005
  3. Amen. My hope is that the report that he will go on the offensive against Democrats in the press conference tonight will just make him look like more of an idiot.

  4. Mark on 28 April 2005

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