And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead… .com’s

June 8, 2005 in Uncategorized

Oh, the fun .coms that are Mark Phillip.

Tivo For Tony. Who could forget that blockbuster? Much like my application for WK12, I didn’t even make it in the front door. Recently I heard that he finally got a Tivo—I’m sure it was my influence.

Aaah, Girls Dying Their Hair Gone Wild. Would have been a real hotspot on the web, but unfortunately got vetoed by my…um…ur…’volunteers’. Yeah. We’ll go with volunteers.

Finally, it looks like I have something that’s going to stick. Last year, one weekend while I was unemployed, I threw together I got pretty good feedback and people seemed to like it, but I really thought it could be a lot better. After coming back to Austin, and remembering how awesome Roller Derby is, I buckled down, threw away a couple months of free time and finally relaunched it on Sunday. If you have some time, go check it out.

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  1. Nice site. Came through “you know how you do” looking for sites similar to ours (The Literary Brothel – Where Great Minds are Coming…) Uh, don’t know how to exchange links or contact anyone here, but good work! And that roller girl stuff…off the hook? Do they say that in Texas?
    Link exchange? ? No? Contact? No? Eh, I give up.

  2. Klaus on 9 June 2005
  3. thought you might be interested in

  4. tiffany on 13 June 2005
  5. This kick ass, dude. Seriously. Rockin’.

  6. Shad Reynolds on 17 June 2005

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