T3. Day1.

June 20, 2005 in Uncategorized

I woke up early so that I could have a nice big breakfast, but my stomach is in knots and I have no appetite. My nine months of walking the earth is officially over. It’s like the first day of school, a doctor’s appointment, Christmas Eve, and a first date all rolled into one.

I start my new job today.

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  1. I’m so jealous. I want a job!
    Good luck!

  2. leslie on 20 June 2005
  3. congrats, hope it goes well. Really funny though, apparently you work for pornography peddlers since dell is blocking the site as ‘sex’. Mabye the job is just that good.

  4. ian on 20 June 2005
  5. i can only hope that your new job is as awesome as you are.
    good luck!
    and thanks for a great prom ’05!

  6. leela on 20 June 2005
  7. you rock! good luck! thanks for a fabulous Prom!

  8. beth on 20 June 2005
  9. i’m such an asshole…i realized this morning that i forgot to wish you luck last night when i was at your house! we’re all so proud of you, mark. i mean, i was REALLY proud of you when you managed to eat a pancake buffet every morning in hawaii, but this is kinda cool, too.

  10. emily on 20 June 2005
  11. is it just me? i think your corporate website is broken.

  12. eric on 20 June 2005
  13. Hurrah! A job at last! Now you can start paying for my meals again. J/k. Kinda.
    And prom was awesome! Thanks for all you do.

  14. Bre on 20 June 2005
  15. congratulations. and thanks for a great prom. oh wait. i didn’t go. *damnit* tell us about your job.

  16. rlo on 23 June 2005

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