June 24, 2005 in Uncategorized

Haikus. Your favorite blogger’s favorite literary gimmick.

I’m washing dishes.
I have flip-flops on, but
otherwise, naked.

And no, it wasn’t one of those weird naked dreams—that was me at 3a a couple nights ago. I am glad I learned a long time ago how to laugh heartily at myself.

I’m wrapping up Week 1 here at T3 and it has honestly been awesome. I’m bustin’. My first day I checked my mail to find an email from the week before inviting everyone to Happy Hour at Saba. On my second day, on my tour of our “campus” of Texas landmarks houses/offices, two employees were chatting about doing a Monday-night-Nasty’s the night before. Last night at Happy Hour a woman stopped me to ask what group we were and if we worked together. When I told her we worked at an ad agency downtown she said, “Oh! Because you all look so cool…” Call me high school, but it was pretty awesome. Wait. I threw a Prom last week. Of course I’m freakin’ high school!

So yeah. First week has been pretty awesome, but I’m waiting for everyone to turn into demons like The Devil’s Advocate, cause so far it’s a little too good to be true. Al Pacino is my real father and he’s the devil? Not so good. Then again, I’d be married to Charlize. Hm. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

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  1. yes! i’m glad your new job is great. probably it will continue to be so. you know, because of all your good karma.

  2. leela on 24 June 2005

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