Security FAIL

March 11, 2009 in Twitter

Security Fail

I yelled out loud when I read the headline to this story. It couldn’t be true. No chance. No one could that be warped, could they?

The COO of Revision3, the “Internet” “television” “network” best known for Diggnation, had his Bay Area apartment broken into last night. His actions? Epic FAIL.

It’s a scary thought, waking to a stranger stumbling around your place. I’d like to think I’d be calm about it. Call the cops. Don’t stop to grab anything. Shimmy out the window. I can’t say I’d be Sully cool, but I think I’d be able to handle it. One thing I know I wouldn’t do? Pull out my iPhone. And fire up freakin’ Twitter. And post 14 Tweets. And set up a web cam. And drag the guy into my bed. And question him on camera. And broadcast it on the Internet. Okay, that’s 7 things I wouldn’t do.

I’ve been running my startup for almost three years now and laugh at anyone that suggests I’d fare better in Silicon Valley. The tech community is crippled by cultural and conceptual homogeneity, and Silicon Valley is it’s Hajj. Sure, surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs will boost your support system, but it’ll also kill your ability to identify the Web 2.0 echo chamber that’s sitting on your face.

If your life is in danger and your first thought is Twitter, you’re not doing it right. And by “not doing it right”, I mean you’re an idiot.

Juxtaposing the shooting sprees in Germany and Alabama in the past 24 hours involving completely innocent people with this flunky concerned more about the “show” than his safety just enhances the incomprehensible FAIL.

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  1. this guy is completely obnoxious. i love that he takes time out to adjust his web cam in between berating the clearly confused drunk guy who wandered into his apartment. he took a scary situation and made me hate him rather than the guy who broke in. amazing.

  2. tara on 27 March 2009

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