March 27, 2009 in Site

The oft-delayed countdown is finally over. Welcome.

music: Da Ranjahz Ft. Cee Lo Green – Aspire

5 Comments to Welcome

  1. Wow Mark, Nice blog. Can’t wait to hear your take on new tech.

    Glad your back blogging, dont get burned out on it too quick!

  2. Travis on 27 March 2009
  3. hey, thanks much bud i appreciate it. don’t worry, i’ll definitely be pacing myself…

  4. mark on 27 March 2009
  5. Welcome back to blogging (aside from your occasional excellent posts on the RUWT blog, of course) and nice work on this site. I look forward to reading and watching your stuff, as you always bring an interesting and often humorous perspective to things. I’m glad I finally understand the countdown!

  6. John Lynch on 27 March 2009
  7. emphasis on the “occasional” lately. :) thanks for tuning in…

  8. Mark Phillip on 28 March 2009
  9. best blog ever. i can already tell.

  10. katie on 30 March 2009

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