Monday Morning Shout Out

May 4, 2009 in Startup

I’m dealing with my second broken plane in 48 hours, so seems like a good time to post.

Today we’re showing some love for Zack Metzner. And I’d like the record should state that it’s not because I’ve known him since forever, but because his new project JoblessJoe got a write-up in the Statesman today. Pimp.

“You wake up one day with that panicked feeling of, ‘Oh my God, I don’t have a job!’ You feel alone out there, not realizing there’s 13 million people who are probably in a similar situation out there.”

Metzner spent the rest of last year working on a Web site,, which he hopes will be a “community support system” for people who are job hunting.

It’s one of several new Austin-based sites whose creators have turned the economic downturn into a reason to launch a jobs-related business online. (more)

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