Check Yourself, Fool

June 16, 2009 in Tech, Twitter

It’s late.

I should be in bed.

But I have one statement and one question.

I’ll make it quick.

Tech Marketing Folk: Stop using the word algorithm when all you mean is a really big If statement. I know you’re exaggerating. You know you’re exaggerating. Stop it. Now.

Twitterati: If the despicable Ahmadinejad had been robbed of an election and was using social networking to organize his supporters, would there be as much of an outpouring of support? Would people be changing their profile pictures to green ribbons? Would Twitter be pushing back scheduled maintenance? I doubt it.

2 Comments to Check Yourself, Fool

  1. But saying algorithm makes people sound like scientists, and scientists are smarter than everyone else!

  2. Tommy Klumker on 17 June 2009
  3. I want other people to stop using it. I didn’t say I was gonna…

  4. Mark Phillip on 17 June 2009

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