May 16, 2010 in car2go

This is gonna be fun.

Back in ’08 CapMetro started publishing all of their stop and schedule data using the Google Transit Feed Specification. To a public transit geek like me, that’s pretty awesome stuff. You can keep your Twitter API (shot at Twitter? check.), I’ll be over here hanging out with my real world people data.

I made googly eyes at the data for weeks, never able to rationalize playing around with it to see what I could build. I finally solved the painfully geeky internal struggle by giving myself 48 hours to play with the data. Once the time was up, I had a to let it go and get back to real work. And surprisingly, it turned out pretty awesome. CapMetro’s CIO noticed, and I got to visit them and talk some GIS shop.

So why has the time-based title made a comeback? Because I’ve become obsessed with car2go. We’re talking serious fanboi here, people. I haven’t gotten middle-aged-woman-watching-twilight bad, yet here I am on a Saturday night talking to you.

I just spun up a new server, and all of my domain ducks should be in a row come morning. I’m only giving myself 24 hours this time–hopefully it’ll be enough to knock it all out.

Night, kids.

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