Blogglenecked Again?

August 9, 2010 in car2go, Site, Startup

Blogglenecked again? Jeez, how has it been three months since I’ve posted? The world was robbed of my wonderfully profane reaction to this little nugget of Fail.

It’s a shame, really. You’ll just have to imagine all of the obscene, over-the-top alliteration I would’ve used.

Quick recap:

  • The car2go 24 hour project was a ton of fun. Got to meet with their CTO and hear about what they have planned for the future. Since launched, Austin CarShare died. I’ll let you read between the lines. More importantly though, I now have a little blue car2go USB drive that I like to chew on. Win.
  • My HVAC died back in June and I was AC-less for almost a month. Any discomfort for those few weeks is overshadowed by the awesomeness of the new cooling system. I’ve never been so thoroughly obsessed with a home appliance. Two-stage HVACs, ftw.
  • Twitter is still dumb.
  • Through some dumb luck and quickly-written emails, Are You Watching This?! was on and Deadspin. RUWT?! momentum is really good right now.
  • I’ll be travelling a lot over the next six weeks. Get your airport abbreviation dictionaries out, kiddies.

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