July 24, 2012 in MLB.TV

tl;dr: I’m attempting to build a RedZone Channel for MLB.TV in 48 hours. I’ll be live-blogging the process.

I watch a lot of sports and get to call it work. Yeah, I know—it’s a rough life. I’ve never considered signing up for MLB.TV, Sunday Ticket, or any other all you can eat package because I thought my sports appetite was already satiated. Wow, was I wrong.

I plunked down $50 for an MLB.TV subscription last month, and was immediately impressed. As a Brooklyn-born Yankees fan living in Austin, I don’t get to watch my team live very often. All of a sudden, I was never more than a couple mouse clicks away from the YES Network. Yankees on-demand? Awesome.

And then the facepalm moment happened: Why the hell am I just watching Yankees games?

Some quick whiteboarding and a couple screams later I realized, I think I can create a RedZone Channel for Baseball.

I’ve done a couple 48-hour projects in the past, but I think this one will be my favorite.

Stay tuned.

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