July 24, 2012 in MLB.TV

Okay, so how exactly am I going to do this?

Anyone that has ever listened to me give a talk on technology knows that I’m a big proponent of simplicity. Right now, I’m thinking the end goal is a browser plugin that will take you to the MLB.TV stream of the most exciting, active game with just one-click, and then automatic ushering to different games if the current one gets boring.

If I want people to follow along though, I can’t ask you to keep uninstalling and reinstalling a plugin.

So the rough plan?
– Start with vanilla, web-based prototype. Get something basic live for tonight’s slate of 6:05p CT games.
– Switch to Chrome Hosted Web App at some point tomorrow. This will allow people to install the app, but still get instant updates.
– At end of development, package into Chrome Extension for best usage of Chrome APIs.

…or something like that.

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