July 25, 2012 in MLB.TV

“Wait, so it’s just MLB’s site with some scores on the side?”

Morning, all. Over a bowl of cereal seems like a good time to pause and properly explain some important points.

I’m building a RedZone Channel for MLB.TV.
The RedZone Channel is a beautiful thing. A beautiful, beautiful thing. I still rank a Sunday afternoon Jetblue flight from a few years back as my most enjoyable ever because I felt like I was still on my couch. I was the last passenger to leave the plane.

It wasn’t until a few days into having an MLB.TV subscription that I realized how well Are You Watching This?! would complement the service. With access to this many games every single night, if you can create technology smart enough to know which game is the most compelling at any given moment, you can replicate 2011/162 excitement, albeit on a smaller scale.

The number of games, leagues, and ways to watch is constantly growing. The value of curation is going to grow with it.

This project is for MLB.TV subscribers.
This isn’t a way to pirate content, or watch blacked out games. Are You Watching This?! works with large content providers and sports properties to help curate the increasing amount of great, live sports content. To steal from Mark Cuban, live sports is “the most DVR-resistant genre on TV.”

Don’t feel left out, you can subscribe to MLB.TV for just 99 cents. No, really.
If you’d like to see Warning Track in action (as well as ~300 Baseball games), you can get your first month for just 99 cents: http://mlbtv.extole.com/a/clk/11jKLb.

If you work at MLBAM and this rubs you the wrong way, I will happily pull the plug.
I’m on Team Craig in the ridiculous tussle between PadMapper and craigslist. I could spend multiple paragraphs on the massive hypocrisy of PadMapper, but I’ll keep this simple:

This is MLB’s content. If you work for MLB and are not a fan of this app, drop me a line at mark@areyouwatchingthis.com and I’ll pull the plug.

Okay, enough yapping. Back to work.

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  1. Love the name, and the overall idea. Makes me want to apply curation to other places. Any noise you can remove from my day is a huge boost in quality of life.

  2. Simeon on 25 July 2012
  3. Thanks much, Simeon. I’m continually amazed that there aren’t more companies attacking the problem.

  4. Mark Phillip on 25 July 2012

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