July 26, 2012 in MLB.TV

Pros of getting close to the deadline? It’s easier to do the math to figure out the post title.

Cons of getting close to the deadline? Absolutely everything else.

Any feature requests before the clock strikes Noon? I’m working on more sorting and filtering, and trying to squeeze in “Favorite” teams as well. Anything else? Hit me up.

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  1. Not sure if it’s possible, but one of the features of MLB.tv is that you can set your fantasy line-up and you get a pop-up when one of your fantasy players is at bat. Is it possible to automatically switch to that game when the fantasy player is at bat?

    Just a thought……

  2. Ryan on 26 July 2012
  3. Ah, I really like that idea. That’d be a pretty hefty upgrade, but I’m gonna keep it on the “Wish List”.

  4. Mark Phillip on 26 July 2012

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