If you haven’t noticed, Mark likes to talk. He is available for all types of events, from small tech talks through panels and large speaking engagements.

200s, 304s, Expires Headers,
HTTP Compression, And You
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The New Facebook:
More than a Resdesign
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From Easy to Geeky:
A Top 10 List
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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!
A Look at Identity on the Web
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The Right Tool For The Right Job:
Building Add-ons for Firefox and Fennec
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“He’s a pretty brilliant guy…it was way easier than I would have thought to make a Firefox Extension.”
The ATX Web Show!

“Not only would this be an extremely useful topic, but Mark is very intelligent and presents in a personable and engaging manner. I highly recommend him and any topic he chooses to present. He’s definitely someone to watch.”

“Great topic. At first you think that this is a no brainer, but about 30 seconds in you realize what a huge time saver and cost saver these kinds of considerations can be.”

“I saw the Bootstrap Austin version of this talk and was able to understand the concepts. I might go to it again, to learn how to put it into practice (okay, so I’m a slow learner). Mark was very clear and charming in his delivery.”