Yes, I Am The Last.

February 10, 2005 in Uncategorized

I have received many emails and notes over the last 18 hours. In response I give you a haiku:

from all over earth.
notes from every walk of life.
yes. i’m a dumb-ass.

But I did finally watch the finale of the Amazing Race 6 last night. Anyone else feel cheated? A season full of cheering for Kris and Jon, only to have obnoxious Freddy and Kendra of “This country is wretched and disgusting. And they just keep breeding and breeding in this poverty”-fame pull it out in the end. It’s probably the only show that could keep me sitting in a towel on the floor for an hour.

The highlight of the episode though was easily when they arrived in Honolulu. I knew exactly where they were most of the time, that 2 mile canal they had to paddle down is half a block away from me, and to hear Freddy pronounce Kalakaua five different ways without getting it right was priceless. But, he does have a million dollars, so he’s probably not sweatin’ it. And did anyone else get teary after Hayden proposed to his psycho-girl? I hated that couple even more, but it was cute.

Just three weeks until the next season. Can’t wait.

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