Hello Neighbor

March 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

The name of the across-the-street neighbor: Dan. He stopped by this morning to invite me to a little shindig he’s having at his place tonight. I think he was pretty surprised when I gave him the 6-pack of Sammy Light I bought for him weeks ago. He kept saying that “you guys” can come over–not sure who else he was referring to… I want to go out tonight to watch more ball but I should probably stop by. Not sure that we have a lot in common, but seems like a cool guy. Plus he said each unit has 3 bedrooms, 12 foot ceelings, and that he “bought” the paint colors from this professor at Berkeley so I gotta at least take a peek.

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  1. You throw the pig out the window, I catch it, I bring it home, I make enough bacon to kill a man dead.
    Must. Stop. Eating.

  2. jen on 26 March 2004
  3. Wait, who is going to kill it? Are you that hardcore now?

  4. Mark on 26 March 2004
  5. I’m Filipino. My grandparents, in the homeland, owned a chicken farm…and several pigs. If you’ve ever been to a filipino house party or celebration of somesort, you’ll notice the pig head in the middle of a spread. it’s this disturbing thing called lechon. i won’t go into detail.
    yeah, we’re savages.

  6. jen on 26 March 2004
  7. Dan sounds like an odd boy. You should definetly stop by – it’s only polite – and hey, they might be watching your b-ball game on some big screen plasma tv! (But I wouldn’t count on it.)

  8. dawn on 26 March 2004
  9. hey, those were my sam lights…

  10. julie on 26 March 2004
  11. Ah, so HE finally came to YOU…
    And he must be referring to all the hot chicks you always seem to have at your house.

  12. Bre on 26 March 2004
  13. Hey, somebody throw a pig out a window and let me know if it flies–Julie just posted on the blog…

  14. Mark on 26 March 2004
  15. And Bre, it takes a special talent to take a shot at me and give yourself a compliment in the same sentence.

  16. Mark on 26 March 2004
  17. Hey, I’m good, what can I say…

  18. Bre on 26 March 2004
  19. Throwing pig NOW…..

  20. Bre on 26 March 2004
  21. Yeah, I figured that might happen. Maybe it was just a pigment (get it? figment? pig out the window? ha!) of my imagination. Who knows? Maybe she’ll post again…

  22. Mark on 26 March 2004
  23. maybe YOU will post again…

  24. julie on 26 March 2004
  25. nice one.
    why won’t you pick up your phone?

  26. Mark on 26 March 2004

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