No Knickers

May 6, 2004 in Uncategorized

I almost forgot! Don’t forget people, tomorrow is No Pants Day.

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  1. yeah, they think it’s either really funny or really offensive. my favorite was being in a shoe store and saying loudly, “these would look great with my new pants!!” everyone stared in horror.

  2. beth on 7 May 2004
  3. Is this an Austin thing? How strange! Too bad my office won’t allow me to go without pants… or I’d be takin’ part.

  4. dawn on 7 May 2004
  5. Knickers means underwear.
    Are you not wearing UNDERWEAR?!?!?

  6. Bre on 7 May 2004
  7. From
    Did you know that in Britain “pants” means underwear? Shouldn’t it be No Trousers Day instead?
    Hmmm.. this holiday could be extremely interesting in Britain, then. But seriously, No Pants Day just sounds catchier, doesn’t it? And besides, this gives British people something to mention when you bring up the holiday around them. They laugh and say, “In Britain, ‘pants’ means….” etc, etc, and they feel good for being the center of attention. So bully for them!

  8. Mark on 7 May 2004

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