June 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

I must respectfully turn in my crown. After landing two last minute tickets from Boston and Austin to Florida, and a rental car (Pontiac Vibe’s are surprisingly fun) for 5 days for just over $600, I figured it was just about time to commission a bronze statue in my honor.

And now? I’ve been at the airport since 6:30a and they won’t let me leave until 2:30p becuase of restrictions on my ticket. And I can’t even go back to the house cause I already returned the rental car. D’oh. But at least I found some free wireless to pilfer… :)

4 Comments to Dethroned

  1. Come back to us! I need Zen.

  2. Bre on 29 June 2004
  3. oh man, am i trying. i’ve watched three flights leave with empty seats–i’ll probably have to watch a few more until my 2:30…

  4. Mark on 29 June 2004
  5. i didn’t realize you were on your way home! screw the post on bre’s blog about sunday/monday martinis…tonight or tomorrow for sure!

  6. em on 29 June 2004
  7. OW! you twisted my arm… i’ll give you kids a ring…

  8. Mark on 29 June 2004

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