Keep The Silver Bullets Coming

December 17, 2004 in Uncategorized

If I never return to Fort lauderdale, I will be a happy man. I will freely acknowledge that judging South Florida on Fort Lauderdale, is much like judging Central Austin on Round Rock, but I’m gonna do it anyway. At least the airport has free internet.

So we’re all done. House just about completely empty, movers took everything, sold the car, and walked out of a house that mom got live in for just two years. Just a typical week, right? Right.

Ooo, flight’s boardin. Praise the Lord for for upgrades to First Class and free drinks. I’ll be home around 11:20p. Tamboleo by midnight–Night One of the Farewell Tour.

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  1. I just wanted to say farwell and I hope you have a safe adventure. Austin will miss you!

  2. amanda on 20 December 2004
  3. thanks girl–i’m gonna miss austin too…

  4. Mark on 21 December 2004

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